Volunteers working to restore native vegetation in the Waubesa Wetlands. Photos taken by Stephanie Herbst.

A friends group is a group of people who have an interest in natural resources and who volunteer their time, services and support in order to enhance natural areas.

Friends groups throughout the state provide thousands of volunteer hours to help support more than 70 Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas. Friends members may a adopt a trail, be involved in restoration efforts, or support community education activities, but the opportunities are endless because each member can supply their own creative ideas!

The Friends of Waubesa Wetlands, founded in 2018, care for one of Wisconsin's wetland gems, which has been given special recognition by the Wisconsin Wetland Association. Together, the Friends of Waubesa Wetlands help to protect a uniquely diverse wetland community, ensuring that the habitat and all its benefits are enjoyed for years to come.

To become a Friend of the Waubesa Wetlands, email friendsofwaubesawetlands@gmail.com and LIKE and FOLLOW their Facebook page to receive event updates.

Join DNR crew and volunteers 12:30-3:00 pm the first Friday every month for Waubesa Wetlands workdays. Encourage native plant and animal communities to thrive by cutting brush, pulling and spraying invasives, collecting seeds, monitoring rare species and preparing fire breaks. Show up for a day or become a steward – any level of participation is encouraged. No experience is necessary to start volunteering.

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