Watershed residents and visitors benefit from the many different services that Waubesa Wetlands provide. These services may be threatened by land use changes and urban expansion. The community engagement portion of this project had the  goal of increasing awareness about Waubesa Wetlands, its watershed’s resources, and the different ways in which people can become long-term stewards.

Paddle trip participants enjoy a day on Lake Waubesa and Waubesa Wetlands. (Photo by Kyle Pepp).

Through multiple educational events, project members interacted with 571 people from in and around the watershed. There were also efforts to augment the Friends of Waubesa Wetlands, a citizen-led group with a mission to “sustain and celebrate the terrestrial and aquatic natural resources of Waubesa Wetlands and the surrounding watershed through environmental education, recreation, and ecological management.” The group is currently composed of residents from around Dane County, meets on a monthly basis, and advocates for protecting Waubesa Wetlands.

It is recommended that the Friends of Waubesa Wetlands continue to be stewards by educating watershed residents about the importance of these high-quality wetlands and engaging with other organizations and groups in order to solidify organizational procedures.

Updating this website is also a way to inform the community about the value of the wetlands and about activities occurring within the Waubesa Wetlands watershed.